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One of Stage Raw’s Top 10 Plays in Los Angeles!

World Premiere of a new play by Gene Franklin Smith

In the summer of 1922, Harry Houdini and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle team to investigate psychic mediums for the Scientific American committee. Their friendship is challenged when Conan Doyle champions a beautiful and seductive psychic as authentic. Houdini is determined to prove that she is a phony, until she appears to make contact with Houdini’s beloved dead mother, and he must confront his own beliefs about life-after-death.

Directed by Thomas James O’Leary

with Gigi Bermingham*, Melissa Kite*, Sabra Malkinson,
Cameron Mitchell Jr, Peter Van Norden*, Rick D. Wasserman*

*Appears by courtesy of Actors Equity Association.

"One of the best Houdini plays that's ever been produced! A beautifully layered story of three couples struggling with their marrriages amid fame and a world tumbling toward spiritualism as the answer to all things. Great work by Gene Franklin Smith...Rick D. Wasserman is excellent as Houdini, and Bess [Houdini] is magnificently played by Melissa Kite. Sabra Malkinson as Mina Crandon is sexy, strong, charismatic -- a force as formidable as Houdini." John Cox, Wild About Harry.com

"The illustrious magic tricks provide levity and wonder. Apart from the well-executed theatricality and staging, we're left with an experience that asks us to consider and reconsider the "truth" behind psychics, spirituality and the afterlife. The play invites us to question if we are ever really seeking the truth, or if we settle with flim flam -- just enough razzle dazzle to make us believe a lie is the truth. Just like a good magic trick, the show saves its best surprise for last." Reza Vojdani, Stage Raw

"The dialogue is brisk and droll...all of the performances are uniformly excellent."
Hank Pollard, The Malibu Times

Playwright Smith has clearly done his research, the result of which is a play that not only entertains and informs but is likely to set audiences to doing their own Houdini/Conan Doyle wikipedia-ing, as it did this reviewer. Under Thomas James O'Leary's assured direction, a cast of six do all-around fine work. Rick D. Wasserman has the acting chops to make us believe...Melissa Kite is a ball of fire, feisty, fuming and frequently three sheets to the wind. Antaeus Company treasures Peter Van Norden and Gigi Bermingham make for a splendid pair of Conan Doyles...more than enough reason to head up PCH for the season closer!" Steven Stanley, Stage Scene LA

"A gem of a script written by Gene Franklin Smith. This brilliant story is topped only by the performances of the outstanding cast." Eleanor Chua, Life in LA

"A well-written script by Gene Franklin Smith...with a stellar cast! A great evening of magical theater!" Harrison Held, Scene Around Town