The Malibu Playhouse’s Emerging Artists Program is a new and exciting way for young talent to gain experience, guidance, and opportunity as new members of the theatrical world. Through this program, we offer a chance to learn the ins and outs of producing a show and contribute to keeping the beautiful Playhouse thriving and evolving. As a team of fresh faces, many just out of college, we are actively creating an environment where members of the program are given the opportunity to shadow visiting professionals in any specialty with the ability to become well-rounded artists in new mediums as well.

In addition to forming bonds with professionals from all over Los Angeles, this team has the opportunity to create and produce their own work at the Playhouse. Our goal is to unite the community in an artistic environment that is receiving it’s influence not only from thriving professionals but also a team of innovative new creators. To get involved with the Emerging Artists of the Malibu Playhouse and find out how to become a part of our team, contact info@malibuplayhouse.org.