West Coast Premiere!

A mystery unfolds when Dane, a popular high school student, dies unexpectedly following a conference with his English teacher, Larry. As the school’s guidance counselor, Steve, tries to help the students express their grief so that they may all move beyond the tragedy, Larry’s disturbing dreams about Dane intensify. Steve encourages Larry to meet with Dane’s grieving mother, who resents Larry for being the last person to see Dane alive. For Larry, this emotionally charged encounter reveals how choices in life can lead to missed opportunities.

Directed by Edward Edwards

"A production that easily rivals the best of L.A's higher profile 99-seat theaters.  A brilliant star, an exciting supporting performance, and a one-scene star turn you won’t soon forget!"   Stage Scene LA

"Heart-stopping...extraordinary...poignant...an auspicious beginning for the Playhouse's current season!"   Malibu Times

A staggering performance by Jeff Hayenga, supported by an exceptional cast! Suffused in hard, beautiful, angry sorrow. And it is gorgeous!" Gia on the Move

"Beautifully written by David West Read, beautifully acted by an outstanding ensemble, well directed by Edward Edwards" Santa Monica Daily Press